Sunday, 29 September 2013


Australia's Next Top Model: Top 3
Miss Ghana 2013
Miss South Sudan 2013

 This past week brought amazing achievements for women of colour in the modelling world. Amongst the top 3 of AUSNTM was a Sudanese native, Duckie. The Australian entertainment industry is known for its lack of cultural diversity; therefore, the showcase of the top 3 finalists was a stepping-stone for change and a massive deal! Additionally, Miss South Sudan made top 10 of the Miss World contest, whilst Miss Ghana took the crown for 3rd place making history! For years the black woman has been oppressed, and although there is a long way to go before we see a complete 360 of Black women completely gaining their voice and rightful identity back; let the current achievements of these 3 beautiful ladies be a time of celebration and rejoice. Black is truly BEAUTIFUL!

- Posted by Vanessa