• 21 years old
  • Lives in Sydney, Australia
  • Obtaining a BA in Communication, majoring in Public Communication
  • Roots lay in Ghana, West Africa
  • Only drinks from mugs

  • 25 years old
  • Lives in Washington DC, USA
  • PR professional but holds a BA in History/Gender Studies
  • American father, Australian mother
  • Loves Robin Hood: Men In Tights

About Two Blazin Sheilas

An online platform that consists of our passion for world news/topics, beauty, fashion and personal posts. We met in 2006 in Sydney through mutual friends and instantly became more like sisters than friends.

Our Blog is titled “Two Blazin Sheilas” to represent our two worlds and what connects us. “Sheilas” is a slang term used for women in Australia. Blazin’ is a term used in the U.S. that means sassy and sexy. We liked this word because it literally means ‘on fire’, and we are two shameless, go-getting "sheilas". We aspire to inspire, build relationships, not only share, but also learn. 

-Olympia & Vanessa 

For any enquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us :

  • twoblazinsheilas@gmail.com  



  1. Amazin' pair of Gals!

  2. Hello I like y'all blog!

    It's different and a breath of fresh air. Well done. I'm new here and looking for blogs to read, advice to give on various topics, and friends to follow. I'm following you guys on YouTube and will love if you will check out my blog and follow me back if you want.

    Thanks Chauna-lea


    1. Thanks so much :) Appreciated.

      Will definitely check you blog out! xxx