Monday, 16 June 2014

48 hours in Atlanta

I've lived in Atlanta for just over a year and am about to embark on a new journey, in a new city- Washington, DC. Even though I've lived in Atlanta for a while, I still feel like I haven't even seen 10% of the city. The only quintessential "touristy" activity I've done is visit Georgia Aquarium. The only thing I feel somewhat confident in suggesting when visiting Atlanta is where to eat and where to stroll. The food scene in Atlanta is INCREDIBLE, with many restaurants giving Southern food a unique twist. I thought I'd share my absolute favorite places in Atlanta and suggest what I'd do if I could only spend 48 hours in this great city. I hope some of you will find this handy when visiting! I'm sure there's plenty more to be discovered but these places are where I will have lasting, positive memories.

Day 1

Firstly, when staying in Atlanta I'd STRONGLY suggest finding a hotel that isn't Downtown or in Buckhead. The Midtown area is the most walk-able and is more distinct. I'd also suggest using Uber as your mode of transportation if you don't have a car- an easy app to download and much cheaper than regular taxis.

I'd wake up and grab a coffee and some pastries from Octane in Grant Park and the Little Tart Bakeshop inside. If you're a little hungrier, just opposite is Ria's Bluebird for a more hearty breakfast. Octane has the best coffee and just has a great vibe about it. The pastries are delicious and there's a good selection of sweet and savory- my favorites being the savory bread pudding and the brown sugar almond cake.

Following that deliciousness, you can walk through the historic cemetery nearby and make your way to Sweet Auburn Curb Market in Edgewood. This market is a great place to stroll through- with different vendors serving meals, groceries, even a book store. If you've had the light breakfast option, you can grab a snack from my personal favorite, Arepa Mia (Venezuelan food).

Now this would be the time to get any "touristy" activities out of the way since you're practically Downtown. Whether it's the Martin Luther King Jr. historical site or museum, the Aquarium, World of Coca-Cola or SkyView Atlanta, there are plenty of choices. Following this, I'd head to the Park Tavern in Piedmont Park for a relaxing drink and to watch the sunset.

Day 2

For this day, I'd suggest checking out the Decatur, Virginia Highlands, Little Five Points and East Atlanta Village neighborhoods. They are all fairly close to each other and are collectively my favorite parts of the city. Decatur has some cute boutiques and great restaurants- such as Cakes & Ale (where you can grab coffee). If it's on the weekend, I'd suggest going to the farmer's market and picking up a light snack there. But save room for the real highlight- an Urban Cannibals sandwich in East Atlanta Village. If I could eat here every single day, I would! The owner is lovely as well.

Strolling through Little Five Points, you will find a bunch of random and interesting boutiques. You will find the same in the Virginia Highlands neighborhood but they are more upscale. Another suggestion if you aren't too tired from walking, would be to walk the Atlanta Belt Line. It has great views of the city and often good street art too.

Finally, check out Miso Izakaya for dinner. Everything on their menu is delicious. 

Now I'm hungry...

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