Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Top 3 bright/bold lip colours: For black girls

I feel like black girls (at least SOME of the ones I know) are scared to wear bold colours, and often just stick to the safe red lippy (nothing wrong with this either). I suppose they think it will be too bright on their skin, and are scared to branch out to new colours in fear of looking like a hot mess. Since my love for lipsticks has grown, you will hardly find me without any on for a night out. It honestly makes an outfit ! Especially when you don't feel like wearing too much eye-makeup, a bold lip is sometimes all you need. This gave me the idea to post myself, wearing my top 3 bright/bold lip colours at the moment. Being an example that no matter the shade of our beautiful black skin, we can also rock any lip colour. Another handy trick: use lip liners, sometimes even eye liner as lipstick. This gives a wider range in colour choices to play with, not to mention, saves you loads. Colour in your whole lip with the desired colour, adding a little bit of gloss or paw paw ointment to complete the look ! 
Pink lip liner used as lipstick, and added gloss. (Drugstore brand- Nabi 'Soft Pink')

Dark Orange lipstick (Drugstore brand- L.A Colors ''Clipm 234')

Dark Purple lipstick (By Kat Von D- 'Homegirl') 

-Posted by Vanessa 

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