Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Just a short post, more so just me venting. Over the weekend, a beautiful and loved soul in the Sydney community passed away. His caring spirit was extremely infectious, never ceasing to have a smile on his face. I know it shouldn't take the loss of someone's life to be grateful, but it has not only left me heartbroken every time I think about it, but also raised so many questions. I would never question God's authority and will, but why do the good ones always go first? Why if someone lives a healthy and admirable lifestyle do they have to be taken away so soon? What about the extreme pain his loved ones are going through? Why is life sometimes not fair? I know I will never get answers to these questions, but will rather find comfort in knowing God needed him for a purpose more greater than one on earth. More importantly, the lesson in simply LIVING! Embracing all the beautiful moments and people that are surrounding us in this present moment, for life is too short and can be taken away just like that. Live and love more passionately. Cease the moment. I pray God gives strength to his family and friends, to get through this battle knowing they are not alone. I pray God reminds people of his presence and to trust in all that he does. I pray God lets him rest easy and peacefully. RIP Kodjo

-Posted by Vanessa

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