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Interview with :TIA WARD

Get to know the insanely beautiful London-based model, beauty blogger and make-up artist...


Instagram/Twitter: @misstpw

1. For those that don't know Tia Ward, describe yourself and your career path?
I am a 25 year old blogger & model from London who loves fashion and beauty. Since finishing university I began my blog, and I want to eventually have my own clothing label!

2. With over 10 years of experience, how did you get in to the beauty and fashion world?  
I got into modelling at 13 after being spotted at the bus stop and from that point on was catapulted into this new world of cosmetics and clothing! That was the starting point for me.

3. You were 1 of 26 females to have the cool opportunity to design your very own Nike sneaker, to celebrate Air Max's 27th birthday earlier this year. What was that experience like? It was so much fun! Nike are an incredible, globally recognised brand and they really made the experience fun. We got to go to the design suit in the flagship store and work on our designs. I have to say a big shout out to Jimmy for helping me finalise my colour scheme!

4. How does it make you feel to know you have such a style influence in London?
Honestly, I started my blog as a style file – a way of documenting my personal style journey with the hope of looking back at it and seeing an evolution over time. I never thought it would have any influence! To hear that it is on the radar of corporate companies and the fashion pack is a huge compliment and a great motivating force to accomplish more! I’m constantly striving for better.

5. What ethnicity are you?
I am a mix of Indian, Caribbean, European & West Indian!

6. You have been dating Ghanaian presenter/host Reggie Yates for about two years. As a Ghanaian, I'm interested to know if you have any favourite dishes, or even know how to cook any (lol) ? Haha! I love Ghanaian food and learnt to cook jollof pretty swiftly! My favourite dish to cook and eat is Kelewele – because plaintains are equally loved by Africans and Caribbeans the world over!

7.  Being female already means we have to work 10 times harder. Are there any experiences, either good or bad that you can recall in proving yourself/talents? Fortunately as far as I’m aware of, I haven’t been in any situation where my sex has determined whether or not I book the job, get the opportunity or make the cut. I have definitely had to prove my ability on numerous occasions! In this industry you can talk your way to the door, bag a meeting with the right people, but its what you say and do once you’re in that determines how long you’ll be staying or how seriously you’ll be taken. I prove myself constantly by delivering what I promise, working hard & trusting my journey.

8. It’s very clear that you have a strong sense of identity; in the way you dress, speak and overall present yourself. Where did you learn to be so self-assured? My Grandmother was definitely an example of what a strong, independent woman should be. She worked hard, always looked immaculate, spoke articulately (even with her strong West Indian accent!) and stood up for what she believed in. I think this constant female presence as well as surrounding myself with wonderfully raised, self-aware men and women has helped me develop over the years into someone with a good sense of identity. You can’t surround yourself with sheep & expect to be a lion.

9.  Speaking of fashion, your style is ALWAYS on point! Who are your style icons? What are your favourite stores? So many things influence and inspire my style. From traveling, the weather, old films – anything I lay my eyes on somehow affects my style choices! I don’t really look to other people as such, but I always check the fashion show reports to keep up to date & inspired!

10. What’s the best piece of advice you have received this far in your life? You were given two ears and one mouth, so always listen twice as much as you speak!

-Thank you so much for doing the interview with us Tia. We are looking forward to seeing more of your gorgeous face in the future. All the best!

For more of Tia's amazing style and beauty secrets, check out her blog here ! 

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