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Music Spotlight: NAIMAH

To celebrate the release of Naimah's new song "Fireworks" ft. & produced by Von Vargas, here's a little more information about the beautiful and talented musician. Take a listen to the song here:

On top of creating the song, Naimah, along with partner-in-crime and designer, Greg, created the cover art using glitter paper, making stencil letters and working with Bobby Spero to shoot it. Naimah says it added to the song's idea of nostalgia/youth/the little moments that are simply spent with the people you enjoy. It is clear she is hands-on with every aspect of her creative process. Congratulations, Naimah!

1.     Age, Location
24, Washington D.C.
2.       What’s the music scene like in DC?
Thankfully, the music scene is fairly diverse here, and what you’re exposed to really tends on your own personal world.  I’m a particular fan of DC’s punk and hip-hop scene.  Both genres have really great groups with DC roots, and the scenes continue to thrive here.  You can always catch local acts at some of the major venues here, which is always amazing. 

3.       How did you get started with music?
I think music started with me before I knew what direction it was going to lead me towards.  My first introduction to music was when I was little and played a toy guitar until all the strings broke off. I kept on the journey by playing the clarinet, performing in musicals, singing in various vocal groups, going to as many concerts as I could see (and getting as many set lists signed by bands as possible; side-note!), and along the way transforming my love for short stories into writing songs.  Songwriting, singing, and playing the guitar just stuck.  I feel most at home when I’m doing one of those things – like I’m completely myself.  It’s hard to explain in words, but it’s a feeling that lets me know I’m doing exactly what I should be doing. 
4.       How would you describe your sound?
Honest.  Every aspect, from the lyrics to the music – whether it’s just my guitar or a full-blown production – delivers the core of the song’s story.  The tension, the love, the uncertainty, whatever it is.  It’s all an honest baring of it. 

5.       How do you feel about the state of music today?
I really love the mix of genres I’m hearing more and more.  James Blake’s collaboration with Chance the Rapper is just one of the many examples I could list. I’ve never had a one-track mind when it comes to music, so I appreciate that artists are blending influences these days, and the industry is starting to at least try to catch up with the fact that no one wants to limit their genre or their audience.  Even though this cross-genre blending still gets stuck under “alternative”, it’s still great as a listener, and to take part in as an artist.  I’ve been collaborating across the board recently, from working with rappers to singing on deep house tracks, and it’s been great to get my hands in all the music that I love to listen to, and to think differently as a songwriter and a vocalist.  The mixing pool of music definitely encourages artistry, individual gifts, and collaboration – I’m a fan, for sure.
6.       Dream collaboration?
Oh! Well, speaking of James Blake above...! Working with him is my dream collaboration.  I love his mix of elements in his music, and the very soulful and dare I say honest delivery of his songs.  Our voices would blend really well together, and I think we have a similar outlook on songwriting.  Maybe it’s because we’re fans of Joni Mitchell, who knows.  When we collaborate, it will be powerful stuff.
7.       Favorite song of all time?
“Between the Bars” by Elliott Smith.
8.       Favorite album of all time?
The Suburbs by Arcade Fire.  I love the thematic nature of that album, and how seamlessly it all connects into one big story.

9.      Best live show you’ve ever been to?
So maybe part of the reason The Suburbs is my favorite album is because I saw it live at Coachella and that performance blew my mind.  It was a beautiful spring night, perfect clear sky, and Arcade Fire was singing from The Suburbs and Funeral and the performance was monumental for me.  They started singing “Wake Up” and everyone around started singing the opening ‘ooooh’ together and I looked to my best friend and told her: I want to do this.  I have to perform.  I have to reach people like this.  That moment has stuck with me to this day.
10.   How do you want the next 5 years to play out in your career?
Lots of songwriting, lots of shows, lots of collaborating. I want to continue to reach and grow my audience, inspire, and be inspired. And, but of course, win a Grammy or two...!

Check Naimah out at the following links...
Instagram/Twitter: @naimahmusic

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