Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Multi - Ethnicity Hair & Beauty Expo

Over the weekend, on the 16th of November, I went to the first ever Multi-Ethnicity Hair and Beauty Expo at the Parramatta Town Hall (Sydney). I was representing a new and unique bag line I collectively work on with my sister- Coconsa Bags. A vibrant blend of traditional West African fabrics and contemporary materials; it is something I am super proud of. This was the first time we  have had a stall at any expo or event, and boy, was it an experience! It was so interesting to see people's reaction to the creativity and effort that goes into the craftsmanship of the products. What I learned from the day is that consumers are very skeptical when it comes to spending their money on new products/brands that they are not familiar with. I have observed this especially in my generation who are brand-name obsessed, even for the most basic pieces. Trying new things is undoubtedly scary, but I guess I seek quality and a genuine love for whatever the product may be- new, old, brand-name or not. In any case, the expo was a great platform for emerging underground designers and brands. I have amazing dreams of the heights Coconsa will reach, God willing. 

You can check the bags out here.

Here are some pics of the bag line and some from the Expo (not the best,sorry) 

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