Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Feeling under the weather : Spiritual Healing

As of the past week, or so, I have been feeling completely under the weather. Every so often, I feel as if I have run in to a brick wall and in result experience a great sense of dullness in my life. I'm sure this is completely natural and I am not the only one that experiences this, but whenever this void enters my life it bothers me immensely. I know for a fact it is God talking to me, letting me know I need to make some changes in order for the empty space in my soul to feel nourished and whole again. The past few months has proven to be nothing but an unfortunate series of events, which has definitely caused a dampen in my high spirits. From losing a close school friend, being ill/hospitalised, having my cousin in a serious car accident, my mum also being ill, watching my dad grieve over losing a sister and other emotional battles have all contributed to my questioning of life. Am I fulfilling my purpose on this earth that God has set out for me? Personally, to my complete efforts, no.

Anyone that knows me really well, will know I have a new found obsession for Iyanla Vanzant. There is nobody that can fix what I'm feeling but myself and my trust in God. However, I found some really moving short videos (not necessarily new) that were in every way insightful, and in some way, therapeutic. For those possibly going through the same thing, or just need a reminder of some lifelong lessons, take the time to watch these videos! I wrote some personal notes underneath for my own reference later. ENJOY!

  • How you treat yourself is how you treat God
  • We represent God in all we do
  • You need to completely take care of yourself first before even thinking of taking care of others 

  • PAIN= Pay Attention Inward Now 
  • Don't mask your pain with physical items 
  • Feel, deal, heal 
  • Doubt = poison
  • Take a stand for yourself
  • Don't let go of your vision (even if you stand alone) 
-Posted by Vanessa 

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