Saturday, 21 December 2013

YEVU CLOTHING: Ethical Ghanaian/Australian Brand

This week, I went to support and check out an ethical brand inspired purely by Ghanaian prints, founded by Sydneysider Anna Robertson. To be honest, I wasn't completely knowledgeable of the brand prior to attending their pop-up store apart from seeing them on Instagram. However, the trip to the store left me nothing but inspired, informed and impressed. Anna began to know Ghana as she was there for volunteer work, and soon fell in love with the simple yet highly fashionable pieces of many Ghanaian designers. As time passed, Anna found the means to start her reputable line, Yevu clothing (which actually means 'white person' in Ewe-traditional dialect of Ghanaians in the Volta Region/Togo). She sources all the material from West Africa, predominately Ghana, and has them made by local tailors and seamstresses. This chain effect allows for a beneficial economic status to the hired team, as they hold shares in the growing business, giving them constant work. This simple, yet effective means of exchange is one I see and aspire for Coconsa Bags. On a larger scale, Coconsa hope to hire underprivileged Ghanaian women to use their skills knowing they will get fair working conditions, regular pay, education opportunities for themselves and their children. Lots of vision that will come to light by Gods will. Anything is possible! We are all here to make a difference in this world one way or another.

For my Sydney folks, you can check the Yevu collection for yourself:
YEVU 2.0 Pop-Up Store
302 Cleveland Street, Surry Hills


Daily 10am - 7pm

From December 18 - 24 or until stock sells out

-Posted by Vanessa

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