Thursday, 24 April 2014

Spotlight on an African Production: An African City

My latest obsession, the amazing web series, An African City

I know all of my fellow Africans strongly dislike the ignorance displayed in popular media's depiction of Africa. The many images you see on screens are most often limited to AIDS, poverty, or even safari/wildlife. Sadly, images of this sort skew the mentalities of many people. These images turn the masses away from the rich, complex culture and beauty that Africa manifests. This is where An African City comes in. Creator of the show, Nicole Amarteifio, challenges this lack of knowledge through the uniquely scripted show based around 5 young, beautiful and successful women living in Accra, Ghana. Although one could compare the show to 'Sex and the City', 'Single Ladies' and 'Girlfriends', An African City is definitely in a league of its own. 

The show perfectly displays the raw beauty that Ghana has to offer. From current hot spots, to the top Afrobeats, to the latest African designers (the style is so on point btw!), An African City has become a platform for creative people of African descent to showcase their talent. The show not only makes me miss the motherland like crazy, but also helps me appreciate the ties to my roots, my people and my culture. It reaffirms my purpose, where I'm from and where home is. However, there's one thing I would change about the series- the episodes need to be longer! Finishing one episode leaves me wanting more each time...

With the first season coming to an end, I recommend all those that have not yet jumped on the bandwagon to do so immediately, before the finale. I sincerely hope to see many more seasons of An African City. I am crossing my fingers that the hard work of the writers, cast, and production team pays off, with them being given an international opportunity to shine.

Here is the first episode (the whole series can easily be accessed on their channel):

The cast is not only super gorgeous, but also super talented. You can follow their individual journeys on Twitter:
Creator: @Allthingsafrica 
Nana Yaa: @MaameYaaBoafo 
Sade: @itsnanamensah 
Ngozi: @EsosaE 
Makena: @Marielaly on Instagram. Random fact: Marie actually went to school down-under (Australia), as she graduated from Deakin University in Melbourne. How cool! 
Zainab: @MsAdjei 

-Posted by Vanessa 

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